Requested by @simplyshelli Let me start off by saying that I am a musician, writing my own songs and releasing 2 albums on iTunes (Juvenile Adolescents), and an actor, writing sketch comedy and spec scripts for films. This all means that during my free time, I'm always trying to write...
  1. When you have to think hard about your idea, whatever it is, that usual means it's not that great.
    If you are working for a long time, making countless lists (sorry), and trying really hard to make an idea work, it probably won't. It's best to walk away, work on something else, and maybe come back to it later.
  2. This does not mean that working hard for ideas is a bad thing.
    Great pieces of work CAN take time, but in my experience my best work comes rapidly.
  3. My best sketch comedy ideas come right before I fall asleep.
    That point in the night when you're laying down and are thinking about whatever (see my first list) and are just about to nod off... That's when I seem to get really good ideas for sketch comedy. (SEE "Things Falling Over" ON YOUTUBE TO SEE SOME OF THESE IDEAS)
  4. My best songs come when I am in the bathroom, either in the shower or on the toilet.
    This kind of takes the romanticism out of the songs, but that's where the magic happens... Find the spot that works for you.
  5. My best pieces of work come to me almost all at once.
    I wrote my first complete future film in three days after getting the idea. I sat down to write on my computer, and it all just worked out. My best songs are written in minutes.
  6. It's also good to have someone to bounce ideas off of.
    For me, this is my brother (@isgeorgerobson). He is the other half of Things Falling Over and I go to him at some point during my writing to talk it out.
  7. When frustrated: BREATHE
    This is really a lesson for life, but it works for writing too. Try not to do everything in one sitting. Write for an hour; go for a walk. Write for another hour; get something to eat. Your mind needs to chill out every now and then.
  8. Relax and try to have fun
    Keep writing your hobby, not your job. Even if you are fortunate enough to get paid to write, remind yourself that you are doing it because you like it, and not because you have to. Once you HAVE to write, your writing will suffer.