1. Porkroll Egg & Cheese is life-changing: TRUE
    It's not taylor ham. It's porkroll. And it's delicious.
  2. NJ beaches are not that great: FALSE
    (Pictured) is the beach that I have grown up by my entire life. Ranked in Fodor's 15 Best Beaches.
  3. We all speak with "yous" and "wooter" (you and water): FALSE
    I say neither of these. That's a North Jersey thing.
  4. New Jersey Bagels are the way to go: TRUE
    Hard to explain. Just try one. Talking about bagel shops is like talking about pizza shops in NJ. Which brings to mind...
  5. NJ pizza is the way to go: TRUE
    Sorry, not sorry, NYC and Chicago. I'm staying loyal to NJ.
  6. "Jersey Shore" is accurate: FALSE
    That's like 1.375% of the population.
  7. We're all Italian Mobsters: FALSE
    While there are definitely some, many are not. (I am not).
  8. We're all terrible drivers: NOT EXACTLY TRUE?
    We're not all bad, but there's a lot of bad drivers out there. Part of the problem is that there are so many!
  9. We're loyal to our state: TRUE
    We make fun of NJ all the time, but only we can make fun of it. Without NJ there's no Sinatra, Derek Jeter, or Count Basie (literally just 3 out of many). NJ stays a part of you forever.