This one took some time for me...
  1. When I was younger (maybe ages 5-7) my neighbors, my brother, and I would get together all the time
  2. We had water wars, played freeze tag, made makeshift bow and arrows, etc.
  3. And we used to play street hockey
  4. That's what I would want to relive... The street hockey.
  5. There was so much joy in that and we would play for hours
  6. Sure I got a black eye one time and my brother needed stitches after a high stick, but it was all fun
  7. Some of those neighbors have moved away now and I haven't talked to them too much
  8. But I would love to relive a summer day where all of the neighborhood kids get together to play some games.
    Doesn't even have to be street hockey, it could be anything
  9. That would be pretty great.
  10. (some of the neighborhood kids taking a break from hockey)