He does it again! @nathanveshecco
  1. The Sex Pistols
    Underrated: The Sex Pistols are the definition of punk to me. Their songs were about controversial subjects and their concerts ended with chaos. Most only talk about the Ramones, but The Sex Pistols should definitely be in the conversation. Listen to EMI.
  2. Christopher Nolan
    Overrated: Let's look at his good movies: Memento and The Dark Night (both of which were written with Jonathan Nolan, aka the talented Nolan). When Jonathan isn't in the picture, Christopher's movies fall short for me. It's usually lacking something. Also, I haven't seen Inception or Interstellar so I can't talk about those DON'T BE MAD AT ME I'M SORRY I'VE SEEN ALL THE OTHER ONES!
  3. Shark Week
    Overrated: I've never actually watched Shark Week and I don't really get it? I feel like everything on there I could find out on Wikipedia or YouTube.
  4. Star Trek
    Both versions- Underrated: So I've never seen the original series at all, but people have to acknowledge that it came before Star Wars and it had a lot of "firsts" in it. The J.J. Abrams version is fantastic and I love both of the movies. Definitely should be checked out, even if you don't know anything about Star Trek (like me).
  5. Granola
    Just straight up- Overrated. It's just dry and crumbly and gets everywhere. Granola Bars- Underrated: that was my snack growing up!