I've never left the country (really the east coast of the US) and I've never been on a plane, but I really hope to soon.
  1. Ireland
    I love everything about the idea of Ireland: the food, the music, the green countryside, everything.
  2. England
    Preferably the town of Scholes (where my ancestors are from) but anywhere will do. By blood, my last name is actually Scholes.
  3. Spain
    Preferably Asturias (where my ancestors are from) but again, anywhere will do.
  4. Morocco
    I've always wanted to go to Morocco since I first went to Epcot in Disney World.
  5. Germany
    It just seems like it would be cool, and Oktoberfest seems great.
  6. Israel
    A lot of cool Biblical stories happened there, so it would be pretty cool to visit.
  7. Japan
    I really like 19th century Japanese art, I grew up with Pokemon and Dragonball Z, and the countryside looks beautiful.
  8. Canada
    Canadians just seem so nice, and the weather looks great.
  9. Portland, Oregon
    I'll admit, some of the reason I want to visit is because of "Portlandia" but I was interested in the city before that.
  10. San Francisco, California
    I really just want to visit Endor...
  11. Hawaii
    Really just to say that I went.
  12. Unknown
    I kind of want to just take a plane somewhere without planning and just end up somewhere. That would be some adventure.