Or, a rant of a super nerd that has never actually written this stuff down. I could be wrong about all of this, but this is just how I feel...
  1. "Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden..." ~ Anakin
    Jedi want you to be free from the world. To transcend to a higher place. In order to do that you must get rid of all that you have and are attached to. NO THANK YOU.
  2. "It was said that you would destroy the Sith not join them. You were to bring balance to the Force not leave it in darkness." ~ Obi-Wan
    Completely false. It said that the Chosen One would bring balance to the Force, but the Jedi are too corrupt and conceited to realize that the Force has been unbalanced the entire time because the Jedi rule the galaxy as a police force that is unstoppable. Anakin did bring balance.
  3. And continuing the above bullet point:
    The Jedi became so involved with the republic that they became generals for the clone army. THEY BECAME THE VERY THING THEY SWORE TO DESTROY NOT ANAKIN! Jedi are supposed to be peace keepers, but ended up being super soldiers.
  4. Yoda even says to Luke:
    "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense. Never for attack."
  6. (this is the part where you say, "David, this is great and all, but you're just talking about the prequels which are filled with plenty of inconsistencies and plot holes.* What does this prove?")
    *so many that it deserves a separate list that is not this one
  7. (and then this is the part where I say, "STRAP YOUR SEATBELT BUDDY CUZ WE'RE ABOUT TO GO TO LIGHTSPEED!*")
    *yes this gif is actually from the part where Han shoots Vader's fighter to help Luke, but it still works
  8. Luke never actually says the "Light Side"
    He tells Leia he will bring Vader back to the "Good Side" That's because the Light Side is bogus. (I COULD BE TOTALLY WRONG ABOUT THIS BUT I THINK I'M RIGHT)
  9. "Nothing more I will teach you today. Clear your mind of questions." ~ Yoda
    Everyone keeps trying to keep Luke in the dark. Don't feel, don't attach, don't question.
  10. "Your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust them. Stretch out with your feelings." ~ Ben
    Yeah that's great and all Obi-Wan, but what happened to a Jedi getting rid of their feelings? No attachments, no possessions, no love, no fear, no anger, no suffering..... What are those? FEELINGS. Dude make up your mind.
  11. Which really brings me to my ultimate point...
  12. I
  13. DON'T
  14. TRUST
  15. OBI
  16. -
  17. WAN
  18. KENOBI.
  19. He tells Luke that his Father was killed by Darth Vader after Vader betrayed all of the Jedi
    Yeah, yeah the he says it's the truth, "From a certain point of view."
  20. Shut up Obi-Wan, you lied to Luke and you know it!
  21. And pretty much everything Ben tells Luke doesn't ever help him.
  22. So after all this, you're probably saying, "David, are you saying you favor the Sith over the corrupt Jedi Order that plagued the galaxy for generations?"
  23. No.
  24. Luke is the true hero.
  25. He feels all of the emotions.
  26. Just look at the script of Episode IV
  27. And during Episode VI the only way he defeats Vader is by using his anger and fear and hatred and suffering. EVERYTHING that he has been feeling towards his father and sister and uncle and aunt and friends and himself are poured out.
  28. He USES all of his feelings for GOOD.
  29. And most of all, his driving FORCE is LOVE.
  30. By feeling love (which Jedi "don't do") he is able to cut off the hand of Vader, but spare the life of Anakin. That is true balance.
  31. And the love of his father kills the Emperor and brings true and complete balance to the Force.
    Where there are no Jedi and no Sith. Only Luke.
  32. The Jedi Order is not the way.
  33. The Sith Order is not the way.
  34. But Luke knows the true and good way to use the Force.
  35. ...
  36. ...
  37. ...
  38. Did you actually read all of that? Wow. I barely even read it as I wrote it. Way too long of a list.