Hmmm okay...
  1. It has amazing balance
    Happy/Sad, Heavy/Lighthearted, Funny/Serious, etc. The overall scriptwriting is amazing.
  2. The morals
    Each episode has a purpose and a lesson, even if that lesson is unspoken.
  3. Each character has their quirks
    This is really important to me because it makes it more realistic. By making the characters a little odd and not perfect, it makes the show more believable.
  4. J.D.'s mental talks/fantasies
    Because I overanalyze just as much.
  5. "My Lunch" might be my favorite episode of any show
    I cry EVERY TIME I WATCH IT. And I'm not usually that emotional. I watch this whenever I need a good cry.
  6. It is extremely relatable
    Even though I've never worked in a hospital. The themes, dialogue, characters, all of it. I just get it.
  7. It gives me hope
    Because characters are always there to pick each other up. It makes me feel like I can make it through anything. It restores my faith in humanity.
  8. But also reminds me that I'm not the only one who goes through certain situations
  9. The music in every episode is perfect
  10. And rewatchability is super high (an important factor)
    I can watch this at pretty much any point in life and be content.