Because he deserves some appreciation.
  1. First of all: EVEN STEVENS
    Such a great show. Original in it's editing, good acting, good storylines, and great songs (Sacramento Girl). Shia was really funny, and could have pursued a career in comedy.
  2. Holes
    There's really nothing wrong with this movie. Stanley and Zero are ultimate best friend goals. The cast is spectacular. The story is great. All around amazing movie. And Shia is perfect in it.
  3. Freaks and Geeks
    So young, but still really talented.
  4. Hounded
    Combine Shia, Tahj Mowry, and Rev from Remember the Titans. What could be bad?
  5. Tru Confessions
    Not that well known of a Disney Channel Original Movie. I can't remember it too well, but I remember it was really sad but good. Shia plays an autistic teenager, and was really talented in it.
  6. Disturbia
    One of the first thriller movies I remember watching by myself alone in the house at night. Not really a good idea, but Shia was good.
  7. Eagle Eye
    Actually pretty good of a movie. Shia does his thing and it works well.
  8. Fury
    I've never seen it, but my brother said it's one of Shia's best performances.
  9. Lawless
    My brother: "He was good, but the movie wasn't."
  10. *Lawless also features: wait for it...
  12. *back to our regularly scheduled program
  13. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    Not that great of a movie, but Shia wasn't too bad in it? Idk he was alright. Probably unpopular opinion though.
  14. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
    Never seen the original, but Shia's role in the sequel kinda makes me want to.
  15. Appearance in Lonely Island SNL Video
    Shia's got real comedic talent. He just hasn't used it enough.
  16. Shia LaBeouf Live
    A musical in honor of him with a cameo. It's beautiful. If you haven't seen it, please do. YouTube. Rn. Go. Rapido.
  17. Live Stream Shia watching all of his movies
    He live streamed a video of himself watching every movie he's been in. Not the movies. HIMSELF. That's Art with a capital A.
    Shia in an elevator for 24 hours. Art with a capital A.
  19. All in all, appreciate Shia
  20. Just do it!