Inspired by @andersun
  1. For the longest time I was gonna be Elijah.
  2. But then somewhere it turned into David Elijah.
  3. And then finally Elijah was just dropped.
  4. Partially, I think it's because my Dad wanted a son named David Scholes Robson.
  5. David Scholes was the name my Dad used to write under when he didn't want people knowing it was him.
    He always just liked the name.
  6. Scholes is my middle name because by blood it is my last name.
  7. My Great-Great-Great Grandmother was married to George Scholes. They had a child named George Scholes II. When George I died, she remarried to a guy with the last name Robson. So George Scholes II became George Scholes Robson I. And the name has passed down to my brother who is George Scholes Robson V.
  8. So I'm David Scholes Robson.
  9. Scholes comes from Anglo-Saxon origins. My family traces back to the town of Scholes, England near Leeds. The name might even come from Norse vikings originally though.
  10. Robson is Scottish and also traces back to probable Scandinavian origins. But again, I'm not technically a Robson, but it is part of my name.