An album about a day in the life of a college student having an existential crisis. (Select song lyrics included)
  1. Mattress King
    "Early morning, sun is dead, with it I'm laying, in my bed..."
  2. When Will My Plane Take Off
    "The day is here, my life a mess, before I know it, I digress..."
  3. Morning Lull... Bye
    "Caffeine is hibernating from my heart, it's so complicated from the start, where do I begin..."
  4. Class Before Lunch
    "Putting on the tie doesn't seem so right because my parents always told me to work it tight, but I really need to read this chapter so I can get back in line..."
  5. Boredom Extortion
    "Boredom extortion, can cut through the ocean, leading me right back home to you..."
  6. Time Took Taken
    "Time is ticking down again, it took all my hard work and then, the day is gone it's three o'clock, all has been taken..."
  7. Fallback
    "It's not going according to plan, was I really ever meant to be named Dan, am I the only one to question whether or not I'm a man..."
  8. Give Me My Life Back
    "Enough is enough, and life's been so rough, I'm done with you it's my turn now..."
  9. I Can Be
    "I can be, the one you want, the one I want, the one who will stop at nothing..."
  10. One More Goodbye
    "I know what I wanna do, but I don't ever see it through, I must get by with just one more goodbye..."
  11. Hidden Track (at the end of track 10 after 1 min of silence)
    "Pretzels never tasted good to me, I thought I found a dog up in a tree, that's okay I knew you would agree, lets go now and drink a cup of tea."