Just finished it today. I tried to keep it down on the spoilers, but you've been warned.
  1. Immediate first thought after finale:
    "Woah, this is gonna take some digesting."
  2. I liked it.
  3. I really liked it.
  4. The first season I thought was just okay.
    But Episode 4 might be my favorite of the series. The episode gave me all the feels. I was warm on the inside and given hope for the future.
  5. I might have cried a little bit
    When Will yells at everyone because he's happy that they got something right and they're finally doing the news
  6. Season 1 Episode 3
    The moment between Jim and Maggie on the roof is great. I might have gasped a little bit when she picks up the phone afterwards.
  7. The rest of the season was just okay.
  8. Season 2 was REALLY good.
  9. The show could have (and probably should have) ended with the Season 2 Finale.
    The other possible favorite episode. Towards the end everything is starting to look up again, the CEOs redeem themselves, and the moment between Maggie and Jim which leads to the last scene........
  11. The series could have ended there.
  12. But it didn't
  13. And Season 3 was just okay
  14. Sorkin decided to destroy the purity of his two hopeful characters (Jim and Neal) so that they are more human
    I get it, but idk how I feel about it. Jim was kinda jerky for most of the season and Neal... I just.... Why Neal?
  15. But the Season 3 Finale...
    Was really good.
  16. Sure there were holes in it that were never explained
  17. And yes it was cheesy at points
  18. But I like the Sorkin Cheese
  19. Will's speech at the funeral was really good
  20. But my favorite moment of the episode was when Neal returns
    So good.
  21. Jeff Daniels was really good throughout the series
  22. I thought Mac could have been better
    She almost had a mythical element about her in the first couple of episodes: how cool and attractive and smart she is. I feel like she didn't live up to the expectation.
  23. I wasn't expecting @bjnovak to show up
    He was a total douche-muffin, but he was supposed to be so it was really good (don't worry, I know you probably aren't like that in real life)
  24. I feel like the Lucas character was created because B.J. was making the List App? or vice versa?
  25. Obviously no West Wing
  26. But I approve and recommend.