I kept this strictly to BANDS. As in, everyone plays an instrument blah blah blah. I might like other songs or bands better at a certain time, but when I hear these 10 bands I smile and will almost always listen.
  1. U2
    UNPOPULAR OPINION: War is my favorite album. Joshua Tree is alright (it didn't change my life). Gloria or Elevation are my favorite songs.
  2. All American Rejects
    Reminds me of my childhood.
  3. Guster
    Architects and Engineers is my favorite album from them, but Satellite is my favorite song by them.
  4. Led Zeppelin
    John Bonham is one of my favorite drummers in the world. And JPJ influenced my bass playing x1000
  5. Weezer
    I actually liked Raditude. So there's that.
  6. The Cars
    I really only care about the first 2 albums- everything else is not that great. But those 2 albums are AMAZING.
  7. Oasis
    What's the Story (Morning Glory) is up there on top albums of all time in my opinion. And not just because of Wonderwall.
  8. Newsboys
    They've gone through so many member changes (which is annoying) but I'm mainly talking about 1992-2007 Newsboys. There was no gif for them 😔
  9. Foo Fighters
    I'll listen to anything Dave Grohl does.
  10. The Beatles
    Yes, cliché, but my love for music would be nowhere without them.