I should have written down quotes my sister said (she's nine and so obviously hilarious) but I didn't. But you guys missed a great trip from NJ to FL.
  1. We drove to Florida in 17.5 hours
    Left Friday morning, arrived midnight Saturday morning. Then again on the way back Monday- midnight Tuesday.
  2. We ate at Waffle House AND Cracker Barrel
    Because we don't have either in New Jersey.
  3. I long boarded for 4 miles
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    Growing up along the shore, I learned to long board (barefoot) during the summer at a young age. I missed it so much that I HAD to skate (barefoot) while there was warmth. And I arrived at this view.
  4. Bipolar Weather
    80 degrees F on Saturday. 40 degrees F on Sunday.
  5. My Dad and I ate gator
    And it was goooood.
  6. My little sister rarely stopped talking in the car
    She's nine. The excitement got to her.
  7. I took a nature walk by myself. Then again with my family.
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    We found this dock.
  8. My sister texted me from the back seat
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    She got really bored at one point. We talked about Santa and whether or not he has a cell phone with the number 1-800-SANTA. (And how Rudolf obviously does NOT use a cell phone. He prefers hand written sentiments) *note the spelling error of a nine year old.
  9. I stopped to look at the fishies
    There were SO many in a nearby river.
  10. I drove for the first time out of state
    South Carolina's got nothing on me.
  11. My sister and I made make-shift gas masks with pillow cases
    To block the smell of Georgia. I apologize if you're from Georgia, but parts of the state just smell like rotten eggs.
  12. Waking up and going straight into a pool and/or ocean
    One of my favorite things in the world.
  13. The many sunrises and sunsets that you experience on the road
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    Another one of my favorite things.