1. New York Yankees 1st Baseman
    *And play alongside Derek Jeter
  2. New York Jets Quarterback
    *later changed to TE AND QB
  3. A Dunedain
    Yes, as in the people from Lord of the Rings from Numenor that live for a long time (I basically just wanted to be Aragorn). I soon realized that this was foolish.
  4. A Jedi
    I'm still working on this one...
  5. Basically any other player for any other sport that I saw...
    A basketball player, hockey player, soccer player, lacrosse player, etc. *NOT GOLF
  6. Astronaut
    Wanted to be the first one on Mars
  7. Navigation Team in Mission Control
    I was actually ready to make this one come true, but then they defunded NASA.
  8. Actor/Musician
    I've acted on stage since I was 7, and I've played music since I was 4, so it just made sense. But then I realized I really wanted to keep these hobbies, not work.
  9. Pilot
    Ever since Star Wars I wanted to rule the sky. Then I realized that I had never even been on a plane before.
  10. A Hobo living in NYC or Washington D.C.
    I've helped out with soup kitchens and stuff in D.C. and Boston and I was like, "I could live like this."
  11. Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineer
    Still trying to work with planes and spaceships.
  12. Screenwriter/Director for Film or TV
    Currently what I'm aspiring to be. I want to start as a writer and then make my way to directing. I work on my own scripts as often as I can, and I run a weekly comedy sketch channel on Youtube with my brother (called Things Falling Over- check it out 😁) And I can always work in that Actor/Musician dream from when I was younger.