1. I'm in an Acting class in school.
    It's a requirement.
  2. For the Final, we must do a 3 min monologue.
  3. None of the other monologues felt right.
  4. So I wrote my own.
    Made up a fake name, fake play that it was from, etc.
  5. After one of my run-throughs, the teacher stops.
  6. He says, "I think you should say that line like this. The writer meant ___ not _____."
  7. It took a lot for me not to say, "No, the writer meant _____."
  8. Which brings to mind...
  9. We never really know what the writer meant. Don't speak for the writer, don't speak for the art. It says what it's supposed to say, stop looking for the hidden meaning.
  10. There are many interpretations to things, and the chances of yours being the same as the writer's is very small.
  11. So let everyone interpret how they want to interpret, they're not wrong. They're just wrong to you. Everyone is right when it comes to art interpretation.