The first ten things I remember about myself 5 years ago...
  1. 14 years old
  2. Freshman Year of High School
    Even oucher
  3. I was in Les Mis in high school (without auditioning).
    That's pretty cool
  4. Man, I could have hung out with people more.
    But maybe not, idk
  5. Hadn't recorded any music yet.
    And all the songs I had written were... Creative? Is that polite word for it? Okay, they were bad
  6. Hadn't recorded any videos yet.
    That's really all I ever do in my free time now
  7. Hadn't had my first job.
    Or any job, really...
  8. Was friends with only 2 people that I still am actual friends with.
    That's SO STRANGE!
  9. Didn't have an iPhone yet
    Simpler times with a flip phone
  10. Pretty sure I still watched Disney Channel on a regular basis
    And like, no Netflix