Respect and honor the kill
  1. The Meat
    For sustenance, cooked and eaten or dried into jerky
  2. The Skin
    To make sweet clothes, canopies for tents, and drums for rocking out
  3. The Bones
    To fashion into drumsticks for rocking out
  4. The Intestines
    To use in haunted houses and scare the children
  5. The Mouth
    For fucking
  6. The Butthole
    For fucking
  7. The Bone Marrow
    I slurp slurp slurp it up!
  8. The Fur
    To make ropes
  9. The Hoofs
    Paperweights for all my important documents (I have a lot of important documents to keep track of and I work in a very windy room)
  10. The Horns
    Decorations. Do decorations count? Decorations
  11. The Teeth
    For necklaces to give to girls I have crushes on
  12. The Heart
    Eat it
  13. The Stomach
    Fill it with water or soda, take it on a hike
  14. The Tail
    Fake ponytail for goofing around
  15. The Bladder
    Pouch to put spare change
  16. The Dung
    For campfire fuel