Bootleg Bart compiles bootleg Bart Simpson t-shirts from the early 90's. It's incredible and bizarre. A lot of unlicensed Bart imagery and mash-ups of other 90's things. These are a few of my favorites, but check out @bootlegbart on Instagram for more.
  1. Air Bart
  2. M.C. Bart
    Did either Bart Simpson or MC Hammer ever say "homeboy"??
  3. Crack Kills
    This one I actually remember seeing as a kid
  4. "Good stuff, dude!"
    Do you think the Ann Arbor Hash Bash was any fun?
  5. Rambart
  6. "Go ahead Hussein, have a cow!"
    LOTS of shirts involving unlicensed Bart Simpson and the Gulf War
  7. "Here's to you Iraqi dudes!"
    Kinda stepping on Calvin's toes here, dude
  8. Mess with the BEST... Die like the rest!
  9. "I'm a party dude, so what's it to you man!"
    Bart drinks Corona?
  10. "Hi! I'm Bart S. One day at a time, man!"
    Bart's sober?
  11. "I'm a senior, who the hell are you?"
    Do you think the Brighton High Senior Bash was any fun?
  12. "Hey, Coach! Don't have a cow, man!"
    Do you think the Slick Morton Invitational Swim Meet was any fun?
  13. "Back Off Dude!"
    Cool, um thanks for the reminder?
  14. "U Can't Touch This Man!"
    ...the fuck?