Cute error icons.
  1. YouTube
    The only icon that truly expresses sympathy for your situation. I'm sorry, that video doesn't exist. It sucks and I feel for you.
  2. Facebook
    Still a thumbs-up, though. Don't get too discouraged.
  3. Soundhound
    This cool icon used to appear when the app couldn't figure out a song, encouraging you do hold your phone closer to the speaker with poise and confidence.
  4. Soundcloud
    < :( >
  5. Snapchat
    If you don't block anyone on Snapchat, this little dude is really happy about it. "Nothing to see here!"
  6. Gmail App
    Sad cloud! Sad cloud!
  7. Vine
    Big sad
  8. Instagram
    This blank soulless icon does a great job of representing an account with no photos.
  9. Denny's
    Haha, wait someone ate the page?
  10. Twitter
    I don't think they use this fail whale anymore. What a chill whale.
  11. GitHub
    So cute! It's the github octopus dressed up like a Jedi!
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey
  12. Google Chrome
    I wish it didn't have that weird nose but I still feel really bad for it and would give it a kiss on da cheek
    Suggested by   @sky
  13. NPR
    So it's not an icon, but this is our 404 page. We're pretty clever.
    Suggested by   @npr
  14. The A.V Club
    Nothing but static.
    Suggested by   @TheAVClub
  15. Bruce Springsteen
    Suggested by   @betsy