I used to be really into...
  1. The game 2048
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    Mindlessly great time. Played constantly for months when it first came out. Actually posting about this is making me want to play again.
  2. VONS breakfast sandwiches
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    Almost daily, this was my breakfast for over a year in like 2012 or 2013. The trick was getting the $2.00 sandwich and adding sauce and fixins for no extra charge. Morning routine.
  3. Preacher comics
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    No greater example of "growing out of" something. I loved this comic when I followed it in high school. Looking back on it, it's mostly garbage. Fuck this comic.
  4. Star Wars trivia
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    Middle school! Star Wars Micro Machines toys and Star Wars trivia. I knew the names and worlds of every background character and I'm so glad I forgot it all.
  5. Karaoke
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    This one is kinda sad. A ten-year obsession that's certainly faded. Loved it at 19 when I first took the stage at a bar in Windsor. Loved it in my twenties, singing at Buffalo Wild Wings most Tuesdays through college. Loved Sardos and Dimples and Smog Cutter through most of my time in Los Angeles. Somewhere in the past few years I've lost the love... Probably a greater indication of a loss of confidence in myself. Karaoke stresses me out now.
  6. Turntable fm
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    Hi I'm a compulsive person. Hi I like to share music. Wasted far too many hours on this website in 2011, waiting to take the virtual DJ stage and play songs for the room.
  7. Foursquare
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    Hi I'm a compulsive person. I was so determined to be the "mayor" of places that I was setting an alarm on my phone and checking in and out all day long, trying to crack the algorithm. Had to delete it.
  8. The alternative rock band CAKE
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    I still dig these guys but in high school I was OBSESSED. Ask me about my Cake bootlegs. Cassettes of live shows purchased off eBay. Every CD single and piece of promotional material. Ask me about John McCrea's 80's band The Dalai Lamas.
  9. The singer/songwriter Beck
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    I still love Beck, but similar to CAKE, I spent all the money I made working at The Shores Theater in high school on bootlegs and rare recordings. This was before iTunes and I wanted to hear everything this guy had recorded, so I used eBay. Every B-Side. Every old cassette.
  10. GI Joe
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    Maybe my longest obsession. GI Joe maintained its place as an obsession for me longer than it had any right to. My favorite toy as a kid, a mythology I loved for how simple and dumb it was... It really took that second Paramount movie for me to not give a shit anymore.