Romance is a puzzle, maaaaan. It’s a puzzle.
  1. It’s like you meet someone and you’re both looking at this picture of The Grand Canyon on the front of the puzzle box and you just decide okay, *let’s dig into it.*
    We’re gonna make a real nice puzzle. This is gonna be nice.
  2. Starting with the corners, always find those four corners.
    If you don’t have the four corners in the box, it’s a bust. Bail.
  3. Then you’re finding the edge pieces.
    You’re learning, you’re building, you’re getting lucky and some pieces fit on the first try.
  4. Maybe you build out those edges, ya know?
    You meet their friends and their parents. OKAY OKAY THIS IS THE SIZE OF IT.
  5. Alright, look at all this middle we have to fill in.
    You can get lost in the middle of the puzzle.
  6. You’re grouping the different shades of reddish brown together and you’re putting all the blue sky pieces in a pile.
    It’s fun and it takes time and sometimes it feels like a job and sometimes it’s the most exciting thing as you put these big sections of orange Arizona rock together.
  7. You're just going through the motions like that for a long time.
    It's comfortable and nice. Hello, we are two puzzle makers. Can’t make it dude, puzzle night tonight.
  8. It's like that for awhile and sometimes, wait, why won’t these pieces line up? THEY’RE BOTH DARK RED.
    You’re hunting and some pieces don’t fit and WHAT THE HELL are these pieces from a Mt. Rushmore puzzle or something in here?
  9. We’ve been working on this puzzle for a long time and look, we can’t even fill in the rest of the sky because those pieces don’t even seem to be in the box.
    This is my fault, maybe I lost that piece. No, maybe I lost it, maybe we can finish the puzzle without it.
  10. And I guess you stare at this incomplete puzzle for a bit, and maybe decide to put it aside and play cards for awhile?
  11. And sometime later someone puts the pieces back in the box.