🏆 Giving quick & dumb awards to my favorite movies of 2015 🏆
  1. Best "Sequel"
  2. Outstanding Achievement in Transforming An Actor I Didn't Care About Into One of My Favorite Actors
    Mad Max: Fury Road for Nicholas Hoult
  3. Best Joel Edgerton
    The Gift
  4. Best Directing Duo of a Romantic Horror Movie
    Justin Benson & Aaron Moorehead for Spring
  5. Best Apple TV Apartment Sobs
    Inside Out
  6. Best "Hey It's That Guy!" by an Actor from The Wire
    James Ransone in Tangerine
  7. Best Actress
    Brie Larson, Room (Can't beat this one!)
  8. Outstanding Achievement In Making Me Wish Aaron Sorkin Would Write Every Biopic
    Steve Jobs
  9. Honorary Achievement In Dialogue Gymnastics
    Mistress America
  10. "Oh Fuck Yeah."
    Emily Blunt, Sicario
  11. Best Guitar Smash
    The Hateful Eight
  12. The "Oh God I'll Never Unsee That" Award for Outrageous Gore
    Bone Tomahawk