I dunno
  1. Sleepy Kevin
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    Holbein (1528)
  2. Harrison Appleface
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    Magritte (1964)
  3. Elegant Clara's Elegant Day
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    da Vinci (1489)
  4. Another Goddamn Park Birthday You Feel Obligated To Go To
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    Seurat (1886)
  5. Funny Shapes Play The Hits
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    Picasso (1921)
  6. I Literally Can't Even
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    Wyeth (1948)
  7. Does Anyone Want My Fries?
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    Van Gogh (1885)
  8. Does Anyone Want My Fries?
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    Hopper (1942)
  9. It's Funny Everyone Thinks We're Brothers But We're Not
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    Holbein (1533)
  10. Skyball 2000
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    Magritte (1928)
  11. Hot Clocks, Baby!
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    Dali (1931)
  12. Lmao Don't Fuck With Me Dude 😎
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    Gentileschi (1614)
    Suggested by @sky
  13. Mom Told Me Not to Hold the Swords This Way But She's Not Here
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    Jacques-Louis David (1784)
    Suggested by @sebastian
  14. Big Ol' Twisted Up Salami Monster
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    Jeff Koons (2004)
    Suggested by @Waz