1. Passenger Seat
    All the perks with none of the work
  2. Driver's Seat
    You're in control!
  3. Backseat, behind passenger
    Yo can you give me a little more room?
  4. Backseat, middle
    Unpopular opinion, but I got big legs and big dumb knees. Put one leg on either side of the hump. Not too bad!
  5. Backseat, behind driver
    Can I get a little more room? NO MOTHERFUCKER I'M DRIVING
  6. Trunk, hands bound
    How'd I get myself into this mess?
  7. Strapped to the roof rack
    Too windy/loud. Hard to stay included in the conversation
  8. Crammed into the glove box
    Not very comfortable (keep in mind I have big legs and big dumb knees)
  9. Inside the engine
    Too hot/loud
  10. In disguise as a seat belt
    Nobody will believe you're a seat belt, and they mostly get annoyed
  11. Inside the wheels
    Makes me dizzy
  12. Front seat middle
    My big dumb knees get in the way of the steering wheel, we always crash and die