1. 7.
    Cool stone snake in Pokémon - I never really was into Pokémon but this snake seems cool
  2. 6.
    Galaxy Quest (1999), pretty creepy mindless stone monster
  3. 5.
    Stone Boy
    DC hero who would turn to stone so his teammates could throw him at bad guys? Good plan
  4. 4.
    Batman villain, made of clay but still counts I think
  5. 3.
    The Watchers
    From Noah (2014), these six arm rock monsters ("fallen angels") were pretty chill and kinda made me love this movie
  6. 2.
    Rock Biter
    Sad baby rock monster from The NeverEnding Story (1984) is such a cute and cool dude and also he eats rocks
  7. 1.
    The Thing
    The best rock dude my A+ forever rock dude, from the Fantastic Four comics, such a mopey guy, I love Ben Grimm