Pat Falco is a sweet Boston area artist. I'm a big fan. Here are a few of my favorite pieces. Most of these images were pulled from his Instagram. You can find more info at his site
  1. "At Least I'm Not Human"
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  2. "I Stopped This Painting Before I Could Ruin It"
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  3. "You're A Lazy Bum"
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  4. "Never Be Ashamed of Who You Are"
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  5. "Don't Shoot the Messenger"
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  6. "Almost a Venn Diagram"
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  7. "On Being Human"
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  8. "No Parking"
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  9. Untitled November Day 8
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  10. Untitled November Day 19
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  11. Untitled November Day 20
    7ba41169 2e81 4d58 9d1a e97f0ee0c862
  12. Untitled November Day 22
    D0e03927 b2f7 451d 8373 3afa2dfc6dd6
  13. "World's Least Fun Person"
    E660a27d 6d35 4b95 8b51 071e7c3f2b0d
  14. "Someday I Will Die And Take All Of You With Me"
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    This one I own and have hanging on my wall.
  15. Also:
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    They're not all text gags. Some are just sweet, like this one.