This is what my MySpace Top 8 was when I stopped using it in 2007 or 2008.
  1. Channel 101
    58015f35 4b79 4adf af9a b9ab6f4cf284
  2. Silverlake
    B90429c7 89f5 4174 9bd1 03c956ee27ff
    Yes Silverlake had a MySpace account and yes I put it in my Top 8.
  3. Delbert Shoopman
    4423d279 4bda 48aa 8df6 d53ffaef1571
  4. Tom Kauffman
    3e7c0e9e ef5f 4f11 ac6d f6cad4616346
  5. Jim Klimek
    55d135f3 52a0 45ca a781 3372ab3ddb01
  6. Tim Marklevitz
    27596ed4 9126 4c6d a397 c7c5b709b341
  7. Ultra Kawaii
    D79037a2 78a3 4107 bd6f c24ca324b0f7
    A cute pet video series I used to shoot and edit as a job for a company called Next New Networks
  8. The Department of Acceptable Media
    28b001dc 63b1 40aa a5db 2ea3fae3d650
    The MySpace account for the show I was working on at the time, called Acceptable TV, which was a very short-lived VH-1 sketch comedy show created by Dan Harmon and starring a bunch of Channel 101 people.