@arielist is new to ListApp and I think he's requested this list as a bit, but I'm gonna make it anyhow.
  1. "Like" a list
    Click that star and it's like you're shouting "I like this list!"
  2. Comment
    Post a specific comment, such as "Cool list!" to communicate you really like a list, or "Feeling #7" to communicate you really connect with item seven on a list
  3. Make a Suggestion
    Suggest an item you think could be added to a list, like "Horses" by The Refreshments
  4. Request a list
    Request a list from someone, like "The Top 10 Songs About Whales"
  5. Request a list that is actually a passive-aggressive message
    For example the list I requested from @arielist called "Reasons I haven't liked any of David Seger's lists yet"
  6. Block someone
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  7. Follow someone with a Twitter handle and do an @reply.
    Suggested by @EricElkins