(*a partial list)
  1. A fireman
  2. A dog in human clothing
  3. A tall building
  4. A member of the US senate
  5. A seapunk teen
  6. High on coke
  7. Wearing panties
  8. A cop
  9. A cop killer
  10. Bright yellow in skin tone like a Simpsons character
  11. Made of mostly gas
  12. Gordon Ramsey
  13. The most successful of my friends
  14. The least successful of my friends
  15. Hung up on the concept of "success"
  16. Mentioned in any rap songs I don't think
  17. The new alter ego for Captain America
  18. Buying it
  19. Complacent
  20. Putting my trust in the system
  21. All that motivated to do anything about it
  22. Freshly showered
  23. A lawyer
  24. A pastry chef
  25. Margaret Thatcher
  26. All that interested in video games
  27. Going to read the news today
  28. Ready to listen to "Blackstar" yet
  29. Pocket sized
  30. In shape
  31. Hungry
  32. In a relationship
  33. Lonely, I don't think, I mean not really
  34. Muggsy Bogues
  35. In the cast of Game of Thrones
  36. A cowboy, in spirit or job description
  37. A bad person, I don't think
  38. A couch
  39. In any support groups
  40. An old vegetable in the bottom drawer of your fridge
  41. On LinkedIn
  42. Underwater
  43. Bread
  44. Taylor Lautner
  45. Working in a casino
  46. Gambling in a casino
  47. Not on List App right now 🙃
  48. Concerned about double negatives
  49. Being stalked by any deranged murderers, I don't think
  50. A perfectionist
  51. On fire
  52. 17th century weaponry
  53. Hosting a podcast
  54. A falcon
  55. Falcor
  56. Atreyu
  57. Imaginary
  58. Bill Paxton
  59. Bill Pulman
  60. Owned and Operated by the Society for Public Health Education
  61. A bee without a stinger flying around waiting to die
  62. Dylan McDermott
  63. Dermot Mulroney
  64. Gerard Depardieu
  65. Your father's root beer
  66. A dartboard
  67. A doormat
  68. Your favorite song to have sex to
  69. Two children standing on each other's shoulders hiding in a trenchcoat
  70. Bobby Moynihan
  71. The skull emoji
  72. Really into the new big photos on Lists from the last update
  73. A candlestick maker
  74. Raging against any machines, I don't think
  75. Catholic anymore
  76. Cornbread
  77. Good at skiing
  78. Bad at making videos
  79. "The chosen one"
  80. A member of 311
  81. One of the eleven in the Oceans Eleven
  82. Lou Bega
  83. Mentioned in Mambo No. 5
  84. Gold-plated
  85. Really sure what to do next
  86. All that stressed out about it