While teaching kindergarten at my favorite school we had a school wide event - Bubbles for Autism.
  1. The event was to bring the students from Gen. Ed together with the ASD students
  2. Static
    We gathered the 600+ K-6 students outside to blow bubbles together.
  3. Static
    Each child was given a bottle of these "wedding bubbles"
  4. Static
    I was standing in the middle of bubblepalooza. There were bubbles all over me. It was a soapy mess.
  5. The whole thing lasted 30-40 minutes.
  6. Static
    After it ended I was washing the residue off my hands when I noticed how red they were. And they started to itch.
  7. Soon after my neck was bright red.
  8. Static
    I took the kiddos to the bus loading zone and drove straight home to take some Benadryl.
  9. By the end of the 25 minute drive my entire head was bright red and I was very itchy. I knew this was very bad.
  10. I drove to the Convient Care Clinic here in my small rural town but it was Friday after 4 and they were closed.
  11. So I had to go to the emergency room.
  12. Static
    I walked into the hospital at 4:35 and I was taken directly into a room.
  13. Static
    Given IV Benadryl, steroids, and Pepcid.
  14. I was released at 7 and home sleeping on the couch shortly thereafter. Thinking everything was fine.
  15. At 3:39 am I was awakened with terrible itching on my feet.
  16. When I looked in the mirror I was covered in hives all over my body. 12 hours after my first visit I was back in the ER. I was given more of the same drugs and some new ones.
  17. I was then admitted into the ICU with an IV and a heart monitor and spent the next 15 hours in the hospital.
  18. All over some cheap toxin laced Bubbles made in China.
  19. Correction after 27 hours, and six new holes later I was released.