Observations from teaching first grade the past two days.
  1. High heel shoes for children is a really STUPID idea.
    No seven year old should wear these to school EVER. I found her some sneakers in "the closet" so she could play outside at recess and she wore them the rest of the day.
  2. Children have to learn how spell and write their names. DO NOT MAKE IT HARDER THAN IT HAS TO BE.
  3. If you are going to name your daughter ZANILLA, do not get pissy when everyone in the school pronounces her name like "vanilla". We are only pronouncing it the way it's spelled.
  4. Line leader is a coveted position.
    It is very important who gets to walk down the hall first, and it is completely worth coming to blows over.
  5. No kid wants a plain yellow pencil.
    When one person needs a pencil then 20 more people need one and they will only have them for about 15 minutes.
  6. Jesus is a hard name for a kid.
    Of all the name available this was really the best you could come up with for your white, freckle faced, red headed boy. I kept looking for a Latino boy.
  7. Music from Trolls makes everyone dance.
    When I need to let the kids get the wiggles out or make them not feel bad about indoor recess I play JT Can't Stop the Feeling!
  8. Skittles smell disgusting.
    Kids love them and they are a good reward/bribe. But they smell sickly sweet and make me want to wretch.
  9. Recess is an essential part of the day.
  10. I was asked to take a boy to donuts with dads.
    One of my students said he didn't have a dad and asked if I could take him because I'd been like a dad to him. I was honored and broken hearted at the same time.
  11. A joke from a 7 yr old.
    Why shouldn't you give Elsa a balloon? She'll let it go.