You know there's always that one thing someone does that bugs the hell out of you. Not to mention that there is always one person or one thing that bugs you even more.
  1. Tom Brady
    Just because he wears UGG's, doesn't mean all other men should. Deflates balls to win games and will still fall short of Manning
  2. Fake accents
    If you don't have one, don't speak with one
  3. People eating obnoxiously
    Close your mouth fool
  4. New York Yankees
    Buying every player since they entered the league
  5. People breathing way too damn loud
    There's no need for that! Breath through your nose if you have to
  6. Warm beer
    Always the worst
  7. People who can't multitask
    One task at a time.... Really?!
  8. New England Patriots
    Who really likes those cheaters...
  9. Blood
    Seeing others, not my own
  10. Cold weather
    Yes, I am Canadian and I still can't stand the cold