High end salon, Seattle suburb, 10:00am Sunday morning.
  1. "I'm thinking of going pink and purple, can I get away with that in the office?"
  2. "This second Reeces Cup is going to fuel my day."
  3. Seven uncovered sneezes in succession from a 20 something young man. (Stopped breathing for a full minute there.)
  4. Glass breaking, "Shit!" Giggle, from the teen dropping the ceramic coffee mug.
  5. "I'm so ooooohhhhhhhhhh hungover, I should be home in bed, I feel like I'm going to hurl." From the overgrown frat boy stuck in the 90s. Two women changed seats.
  6. "What are the colors of the wedding? Seriously? You're not joking? That's appalling! Am I too judgemental?"
  7. ""Can I get you something to drink?" "Only if it can ease this neutron bomb in my head." "Sorry we only have Anvil for that." "I'll take 4."
  8. "What are you thinking of doing with your hair today?" "I want her hair." "I'll go ask her."