Things I Never Travel Without

World traveler for work & play 8+ hour flights are quite normal in my world. a few key items make it possible to enjoy the flight and in a hotel room on arrival.
  1. Brookstone travel pillow
    Washable cover, I carry two. One for planes and the other for my face in hotel rooms. Great neck support.
  2. Inflatable lumbar pillow
    Got mine from a catalog. Really helps you arrive refreshed.
  3. Noise cancelling headphones
    Mine are Bose, cannot fly without them. Just the drone of the engines can ruin ear drums over time. So can your seat mate.
  4. Contoured eye mask
    Because those cheap airline ones fall off. These are adjustable too.
  5. Handi wipes
    for disinfecting your personal space on airplane and on arrival in hotels.
  6. Scarf or sweater that doubles as a blanket
    Fashionable and do you really want to use that airline thing?
  7. Face moisturizer
    L'occitane hand cream for everything else
  8. Zquill tablets or Ambien if you have full hours.
  9. Zip ties
    instead of locks, in case I leave luggage with Bell Desk
  10. Guidebooks on Kindle
    IPad or phone versions of every guide are at Amazon.
  11. Minimal make up
    Who cares no one is judging you except yourself
  12. Sunscreen.
    Buy it there, but take a 3 Oz. tube for day 1.
  13. Audible Books
    Books to listen to of the customs & history of the place I'm visiting. Helps break the ice in business or vacation. Learn basic pleasantries in the native language
  14. Airborne Gummies
    Actually I take a couple every day. I catch fewer colds, my allergies seem better and strangely I'm absorbing iron better (vitamin C helps that), therefore less tired.
  15. Mephisto Helen Sandals
    Way more comfortable walking sandal than Birkenstocks, the pewter is very neutral. Goes from day to night, jeans to dresses. Wear tennis shoes on the plane slip these in the carry on.
  16. Eddie Bauer Travel Vest
    Pockets for everything you need, passport, money, phone. It's that extra layer on windy days. Adjustable waist. Quick dry fabric.