Cutting the Comcast/Xfinity cable, yeah, I'm one of those "older people." I spent the morning collecting disconnecting 8 pieces of equipment that I should have paid more attention to what cables I was disconnecting.
  1. Disconnect internet Tower from Netgear box.
  2. Disconnect ratty old telephone and throw it against the wall.
  3. Disconnect analog box in bedroom 2.
  4. Disconnect analog box from bedroom 3.
  5. Disconnect cable secondary box from master bedroom.
  6. Disconnect DVR cable box from Maine living room TV.
  7. Disconnect all telephone equipment from counters and think how awesome it's going to be not to have telephone Chargers plugged in all over the house.
  8. Unplug and wrap up burglar alarm touchpad and put it in a bag.
  9. Try to add all the above equipment into the same bag and it doesn't fit.
  10. Get a bigger bag and add all the equipment to that until you can barely carry it.
  11. Drag it out to your car and set out to find the Xfinity store nearest you.
  12. Drag all the equipment into the store put your name down and wait approximately 20 minutes for your name to be called.
  13. Speak to a delightful young woman who made the wait worth it has she logged back in all the equipment you had returned and then tells you you still have one piece of equipment at home, darn!
  14. Get two new pieces of equipment but our for the internet and a small tiny box for 10 channels of television.
  15. Go home with a much lighter load in your bag and try to set up with the same cables you had disconnected without paying attention.
  16. Call Xfinity to set up and take about 45 more minutes of your time and still not able to set up because of your little Netgear piece which denies access to all the services you had before because of firewall and the secret codes that you don't remember.
  17. Once you do get into the internet and still have no TV go immediately to Amazon and buy two Fire Sticks for the two televisions you do use, they'll be here in two days, you can survive that.
  18. Go make a list of things you did today which includes nothing except peppercorns to save $200 a month and get yourself completely frustrated and waste your entire day off but it's worth it.
  19. The antenna thing did not work upstairs. $4.00 A month gave me another basic cable box that covered those same channels. I am set for retirement, and they threw in HBO for FREE. ❤