Martina was an immigrant who left Nesna for the West Coast when she was 16, ending up in Hadley AK as a cook in a mining camp. She died in 1982 after a full life of love, loss and wisdom.
  1. Put family above all.
    "When everything else is gone it's all you have."
  2. Take care of your body, your eyes & teeth.
    "After 40 your parts start wearing out."
  3. Enjoy the little things around you every day.
    She lived in Ketchikan and when a flower came into bloom she would stop and gasp and say "isn't that beautiful!"
  4. Fresh air & exercise, every day.
    Grandma walked to & from work every day until she was 99.
  5. Keep your mind focused.
    She ran her own business, a women's store, until she was 99.
  6. Keep an active social life.
    Even after the shop shut down she continued to see her friends, went to the Elks Club, volunteered. She never sat idle.
  7. A little wine never hurts.
    A glass of Sherry before dinner every night helped with nerves & digestion.
  8. All things in moderation.
    A cigarette, menthol, once in a while. Lemon drops or chocolates occasionally. Never binge.
  9. Read about the world.
    You have to know about more than just your town. (I wish she could have seen the internet!)
  10. Travel to visit relatives every chance you get.
    After all, they're the most important thing there is after all the rest is gone.
  11. Buy fresh food every day and cook it simply.
    "Too much fussing with nature isn't good for us."