This week's guilty pleasures

Gotta start somewhere. Here are five.
  1. Memory foam
    Regular slippers should be enough, right?! How big is my ego that I have to have slippers, or even a mattress, that fit me and no one else? "Sorry, Mom. They won't fit you." "You can't sleep in my bed, Mom. It won't fit you."
  2. "Snapped"
    I spent a few years as a heathen, and those Sunday mornings were filled with tales of murder and mayhem wrought by women who went over the edge. (I was binge-watching before it was a thing.) Of course I took notes. Every man should watch this show, and take notes, too.
  3. Too $hort
    What?! I have layers. There's just something about an unapologetic rapper who is OK with the fact that he's not trying to make you woke. Party over here.
  4. "Just One of the Guys"
    Beautiful girl goes undercover as a boy to try to win a journalism internship. That sentence cracks me up. But if this movie's on, I'm watching.
  5. Squeeze cheese on a Town House cracker while watching "Scandal"
    Her hair is too perfect, her clothes actually match. JAKE! Maybe I'm rebelling against all the perfection on display?