I see this is a thing the cool kids are doing now. Inspired by the wonderful @roaringsoftly, copying @jessicaz!
  1. So, hey new listers! 🙋🏻
    I'm Emma.
  2. I usually look like this
    <I lie, this is after much filtering and some semi-good lighting>
  3. I am really usually eating in most of the candid photos of me
  4. I'm your resident gamma female London representative! 🇬🇧
    There are others I'm sure but I'm claiming the title.
  5. Get involved if you're from the UK!
    Add yourself 🇬🇧 UK LISTERS ASSEMBLE so when that UK LI.ST meet up happens we know who you are!
  6. Tbh, I grew up in a lot of places but London has been home for a while now.
    Where did I live - well yes I listed it just for you. WHERE I GREW UP 🏡
  7. I was born in HK and my parents are Chinese immigrants.
    Is that something people want to know?!
  8. You want to know why I'm all that and you should follow me? So basically my claim to @list fame?!
    <I have none and the following are all minor compare to some people I know *ahem* @Lisa_Fav>
  9. I was featured once back in Oct 2015.
    It was a fun list displaying my 'old-ness'. ⭐️INTERNET STUFF/SLANG/MEME/GIF I HAD TO GOOGLE
  10. I also wrote a 'kind-of' list for newbies
  11. Say list 👆🏼 trended right to the top.
    I listed my feelings as you do. SLOW RISE TO THE TOP 💫
  12. I entered @aus10's amazing March Madness 🏀 competition
    I got booted first round #proud 🏀 GIFS I'VE ACCIDENTALLY SENT 🏀
  13. Then @aus10 invited me to be a 'secret' tie-breaker 🏀 March Madness judge.
    It was super fun making this GIF The 2016 List App March Madness Champion 🏀🏆
  14. I don't really have a talent
    Unlike so many listers on here. Check this list by @Lisa_Fav PEOPLE OF LIST APP ARE SO FREAKING TALENTED
  15. I speak Cantonese is that a talent? Probably not - I'm really digging deep here.
    Check out listers language talent here or add yours. 你說另一種語言嗎?*
  16. I've met some great people on @list and I'm sure you will too.
    Honestly we aren't as cliquey as you think. Be brave, dive in - read, ❤️, relist and comment to get involved.
  17. I trust @list so much that I even met 2 lister IRL. THE @Lisa_Fav and @estherlimtf
    Who am I kidding - kidnapping me probably wouldn't be hard. We, of course, listed about it (otherwise how can we call ourselves listers). Check it out here FIRST TIME EVER... EUROPEAN LIST APP MEET UP 🇪🇺🇫🇷🇬🇧 and 🇬🇧 UK MINI MEET UP TAKE 2 🇦🇺
  18. Want more @list interaction? Head over to Twitter & Instagram we also go a bit crazy on those social platforms.
    You can find me under @DawnCloud there too.
  19. Oh we're on snapchat too
    Add me and others if you are on it! @eatthelove did a great list I snapchat accounts The (Unofficial) Listapp Snapchat Snapcodes Directory!
  20. If you need London info or recommendations feel free to list request me!
  21. That's all I have to say for now...
    Until my next list.
  22. Check ya later, soon-to-be-list-friends!
    Bye now!