Home for a few days with 2 of my siblings @joechann @chanheyyee
  1. Today we had a really late lunch.
  2. 10:26pm
  3. The following conversation (in Cantonese translated for your easy reading pleasure)
  4. Mum: are you hungry?
  5. Me: Not really.
  6. Mum: are you sure? I've bought loads of food cause you guys were back.
  7. Me: umm, I guess I could have some stir-fry vegetable.
  8. Mum: oh great, I'll make that.
  9. Me & my sister: mum - only the vegetable dish please!
  10. Mum: yes yes yes (as she walks to the kitchen).
  11. 15/20 mins later
  12. Mum: foods ready!
  13. Sister and I walk in to the dining room.
  14. 3 dishes of food and rice sitting on the table!!!
  15. Me & my sister: MUM!!