A guide to British terminology. Potato is a big deal over here. Inspired and for @reallybadtiming & @domino_17 (yes was creeping on your discussion - sorry!).
  1. Chip
    What you usually get at a British 'chippy' and with your 'fish & chips'. Thick cut potato chips. Usually drench in salt and vinegar (if it's not soggy then you're not doing it right - add more vinegar).
  2. Crisps
    Thinly sliced potato deep fried or baked. Very crispy (hence crisps). Stocked by your local supermarket or corner shop. Loads of different packaging & flavours.
  3. Fries
    What you find at McDonalds 🍟 and other fast food joints. Thin cut potato chips usually very crispy. Served salted.
  4. 🇬🇧❤️