Inspired by @WSJ & @bjnovak. @Lisa_Fav and everyone else who has done this already.
  1. Favourite game
    Candy Crush. Guilty but I don't link to FB so bother no one.
  2. Number of unread emails
    1 (just staring at me)
  3. First app checked in the morning
    Depends on overnight notifications.
  4. Last app checked before bed
  5. Most used app
    @list 😊
  6. On my phone
    This case...
  7. App most likely to be viewed while in a checkout line
    Facebook - great time to check out what my family is up to (I have an very international based family).
  8. Most essential app while travelling
    Citymapper and if that fails me, Uber.
  9. Cities listed in weather app
    London, Hong Kong, Cape Town & New York
  10. Favourite shopping app
  11. Most recent Uber ride
    £13.96. From Soho (London). After work drinks turned late.
  12. Favourite photo filter
    None. Differs depending on photo.
  13. Favourite podcast
  14. Most surprising app you depend on
    Notes and Google Maps
  15. Person you FaceTime most often
    My mum only cause she always accidentally FaceTime calls instead of making a normal call.
  16. Most common Siri commend
    😒 I never use Siri
  17. Favourite Instagram feed
    Present and Correct. Stationary porn.
  18. Your most liked Instagram photo
    This photo of food (of course)
  19. Most listened to artist on iTunes or spotify
    Ryan Adams. I listed my Spotify report card here MY SPOTIFY YEAR IN MUSIC
  20. Your most re-tweeted tweet
    It was about Downton Abbey 🤓
  21. Outgoing voicemail message
    I don't have a personal greeting, think it's just the computer-y voice thing.
  22. Favourite emoji
  23. Most used emoji
  24. App I wish someone would invent
    I have something in mind and actually not sure if someone has already make that app. Either way can't tell you - I need to create it first 😎