Feels like I'm repeating this list 🇬🇧 EMMA'S 2016 BFI LONDON FILM FESTIVAL LINE UP Anyway here they are ranked for your pleasure @Lisa_Fav
  1. Planetarium
    The costumes and design of this film was amazing and beautiful. The story was interesting but I felt it wasn't told in the most fluent way and lost it's essence.
  2. Una
    This one was intense and left me unsure, uncomfortable and confused but in a way that I'm sure the writer & director intended. Ben Mendelson and Rooney Mara shine bright.
  3. Paterson
    Jim Jarmusch writes and directs this simply fantastic movie. Pre-warn, nothing really happens in this as it is not a action or thriller type film. Adam Driver is simply amazing as the main character, Paterson.
  4. Giphy
    I gashed about my love for this film already. Click above 👆🏼