Inspired by 2 tweets from Alan Yang co-creator of 'Master of None'. 👇🏼
  1. This tweet...
  2. and this tweet.
  3. So I went on my search of the World Wide Web...
  4. 1st Tom Hiddleston
    Seems fitting place to start considering his heighten profile lately. #hiddleswift
  5. Fergie's husband, Josh 'whatshisface'
  6. OBAMA
    Though it looks like he might be taking it off more than fixing it. Whateves it's going on the list.
  7. Chris Pratt
    Look at him doing it on the red carpet - HE'S A PRO NOW!
  8. JT
    Ohh throwing in the bow tie to mix things up
  9. Channing Tatum
    On the cover of a mag this time
  10. Daredevil
    #netflix version
  11. Anton Yelchin
  12. NPH
    TBH I can't tell if this is NPH or him playing Barney from HIMYM.
  13. Roger Federer
    It's okay your out of Wimbledon you still look good in your tux
  14. Sebastian Stan
  15. Chase Crowford
  16. Jon HAMM!
    Don Draper to me always.
  17. Bieber
    GQ digs this pose
  18. Ryan Gosling 😍
    Hey girl, you want to fix my tie for me?
  19. Joseph Gorden-Levitt
  20. Darren Criss
    Purple bow tie version
  21. Jason Segel
    I dig this
  22. Scott Eastwood (?!)
    Don't crowd me I'm fixing my tie
  23. Bill Murray
    Screw it - just cut it off. ✂️