Most can probably be filled by my sister @ulandamackay (but she lives in another country) or meeting someone nice who I can call a boyfriend (who will enjoy most of these things and not cause I dragged him along). Anyway there is space to fill on my friends list for a.....
  1. West End Musicals buddy
    No one I currently know is really that in to musicals 😔. You have no idea how much this pains me. Shows I currently wants to see: Kinky Boots; Beautiful; In The Heights; Aladdin; Matilda and Miss Saigon.
  2. Friend who is as weirded out as I am regarding the whole 'child birth' thing 👶🏼
    New person required for permanent position but will consider temporary as long as I'm the first to leave. Unfortunately everyone who has had this position before has jumped ship and had a baby.
  3. Friend to go watch cool old films with.
    There is a place in London called Prince Charles Cinema 📽 ( which shows a lot of cool indie/old/retro films (plus some new stuff). Current friends don't see the point to pay to see old cool films.
  4. Theatre buddy
    Similar to musical buddy. I have friends for this but would like to add to the pool as there are gaps depending on the type of play.
  5. Clothes swap buddy
    Someone with similar taste and is the same size as me so we can form a lifelong friendship a la Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants while clothes swapping. 1 pay check, 2 wardrobes!! What's not to love?
  6. Sushi friend
    Friend who will go for sushi with me, no question asked. 🍙🍣🍱 Anytime anywhere. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  7. @list friend
    Friend I know in person who I can obsessively talk about @list in person with or you know via the app.