1. Woke up (UK time) and glanced the news headlines, Twitter, @list (of course) and Facebook.
  2. Saw the name trending...
  3. Didn't want to click or read it - what could it be about...
  4. When names trend it can't be good - are they died??
  5. I hope not I'd be so sad this terrible terrible Monday morning
  6. I'll have to read/click it to be sure...There is no other way...
  7. 😊 No he's not died, it's only his birthday and they did something totally awesome
  8. Thanks for being awesome. You'll always be Bert to me!
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    Mary Poppins flash mob. You sure know how to make me happy. http://www.ew.com/article/2015/12/13/dick-van-dyke-90th-birthday-mary-poppins-flash-mob
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