I love these stories cause they're always so interesting and not what you expect! Warm this cynic single girl's heart and tell me yours to make me feel all awwwww! 😍😘🤗
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  3. Rather than write a list; I met him at work.. I broke up with my then boyfriend to be with him.. we would have trysts in the stairwell. 🔥
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  4. He used to come say hi to me in the library.
    He was very friendly with everyone so I thought nothing of it. We flirted at a pool party when we realized we were wearing matching Democrat dog tags (this is when Kerry was running). Then one day he asked me for my number. He wrote my name on a piece of paper and gave it to me to write my number. Except he wrote the wrong name! He had written "Angélique"! I burst out laughing and gave him my business card so he could get the spelling right. He said he was very nervous. 😊
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