List I always ❤️. If I didn't ❤️ you it's cause I either 🔁 or 💾.
  1. Lists about chicken wings recipes
  2. List with photos of baby animals 🐵🐶🐱🐨
  3. List with spot on advice 👌🏼
  4. Lists about 'The West Wing' & 'Happy Ending'
  5. Lists I relate to.
    British and books, @bookishclaire. Asian parents & HK just epic lists @aus10. TV/Movie & award shows love @supercommonname. And so on....
  6. Lists about 'You've Got Mail' or 'Sabrina'.
    Really great rom-coms in general.
  7. And of course, anything @ChrisK @dev @bjnovak are selling!
  8. Happy ❤️ your own list day!!