How did I get here? 'Here' being where I need to google 'slang' and internet 'shorthand' #old 👩🏻🔜👵🏼. Expect this list to grow over time....
  1. smh
    Shake my head
  2. kmt
    Kiss my teeth
  3. #catshrimp
  4. wbu
    What about you
  5. Other meanings of 🍆🍑
  6. Bae
    I still don't know why this word exists- was 'babe' not good enough?
  7. IMO
    "In My Opinion" - I kept reading it as Imhotep, the mummy from The Mummy....
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  8. Fleek
    ...or "on fleek," etc.
    Suggested by @pocketpenguin
  9. AF
    I am TRULY embarrassed for not knowing this one immediately but in my defense I hadn't said "as fuck" out loud since the 90s...
    Suggested by @alimi
  10. TL;DR/TLDR
    My teacher used this in an email and I embarrassingly had no idea what it meant.....
    Suggested by @nbrennan11
  11. HMU
    Had no idea it meant "hit me up," had to Google it and the first thing that came up was "hold my unicorn" ............. 🦄
    Suggested by @mattan
  12. bamf
    The amount of time I tried figuring this one out on my own is almost as embarrassing as the fact that I ended up Googling it.
    Suggested by @bbveg
  13. Thot
    Suggested by @PawneeGoddess
  14. JFC
    I thought this meant "just fucking can't" but it means "Jesus fucking Christ" or at least I think???
    Suggested by @drugs
  15. FTFY
    Someone replied to my post with this and excuse me what
    Suggested by @smallthings
  16. Tfw
    I actually still dint know what this means
    Suggested by @katyjmr
  17. NGL
    Not gonna lie. I didn't even have a guess for this one when it started popping up.
    Suggested by @rebeccaschinsky
  18. Gpoy
    As seen on tumblr. Still can't remember what it stands for but its what you use to tag things that explain you/your life perfectly. I think........
    Suggested by @life8oh2
  19. #catsnake
    Suggested by @muck
  20. TAFKAM
    My partner's uncle kept using this all weekend, his meaning and urban dictionary's are very different. The Artist Formerly Known As Michael.
    Suggested by @RStrout
  21. OTP
    Suggested by @Marna
  22. FOMO. I was not missing out by not knowing what this means.
    Suggested by @sdh789
  23. MRW
    Embarrassing but I keep having to google this one - the meaning just wish won't stick in my head 😟
  24. Bitcoin ©
    I don't feel I need to explain this one...
  25. The Quan
    This one is because of @dustinboone list A Real Thing My Mom Just Said This Is Not a Drill Your mum is more 'on fleek' than me. 😔
  26. Shipping
    I had to ask my friends over and over what this meant much to their annoyance. (It's basically when you want 2 characters to be together)
    Suggested by @itsamaya
  27. Squad Goals
    Suggested by @cameronbarker
  28. FTW
    For a very long time, I thought it was just the reverse of WTF, like a more surprised WTF because you were saying FTW? Like you have been given explicit direction to do something and were immediately having serious doubts that you heard the instructions correctly. This reaction seemed so niche that there had to be a different meaning.
    Suggested by @jakeduhjake
  29. Sus
    short for suspicious or suspect, I feel really lame for not figuring that out
    Suggested by @mchelle
  30. Peach 🍑
    What there's another 'meaning' to this now? Oh it's an app. Do I need to download it? Just tell me if its worth it -I can't keep up anymore 😞
    My brother @joechann (14 years younger) makes me feel out of touch all the time 😩
  32. L
    i had a lot of trouble with this as finding the correct result on google was very challenging but basically means a LOSS or a LOSE
    Suggested by @joechann
  33. On fleek
    I remember having to google this and being upset that we had just reinvented 'on point' for the sole purpose of making me look old
    Suggested by @Marna
  34. Literally all of these.
    Suggested by @saytrumbo
  35. ICYMI
    In case you missed it. Thanks @LeahG
  36. ESL
    English as second language c/c @Lisa_Fav
  37. TFW
    'That feel when'. Flagged by @torihyndman 🙈