I managed to buy a last minute ticket from someone who couldn't attend anymore. Gee have they missed out! RYAN & EMMA HAVE KILLED ME
  1. I just watched 'La La Land' and I can't.....
  2. I honestly can't...
  3. Ryan & Emma have killed (aka floored) me
  4. Give them and Damien Chazelle (dir) ALL THE AWARDS
  5. I have never wanted to go to LA more
  6. If LA isn't like the movie, I don't want to know
  7. I want Ryan to twirl me
  8. Everyone who's a romantic,
  9. in to musicals,
  10. should definitely go watch this.
  11. The 10:30am BFI festival showing I went to was packed. The Gala showing was the night before so there was a lot of buzz.
  12. Director and producers came out after and did a Q & A which no one expected, then...
    Honestly I died. It was amazing. Was so close but so far away. ❤️
  14. Go see it!
    Trailer for those who still haven't seen it.
  15. Here's a taster of a song from the film