Damn @estherlimtf you're in my hood! Impromptu @list meet up ASAP! We can dim sum!
  1. So these are the two I usually go to:
    Reasonably priced and centrally located (Chinatown).
  2. Golden Dragon
    Always a bit of a queue. They don't take bookings on the weekend.
  3. Orient London
    This use to be Jade Garden. I quite sure it's the same owners who just revamped the place. Busy on the weekends like any good place.
  4. Old school dim sum:
    You want some trolley service? I gotcha.
  5. New World
    One of the few places in the UK that still offers trolley service. Prices are low but service is inconsistent.
  6. Get out of China Town:
    There are some great places out of Soho if you are willing to catch the bus/tube a few stops further.
  7. Royal China (Baker Street)
    It's always busy on the weekend with Chinese locals. Atmosphere is great here makes me feel right back in HK.
  8. Yi-Ban
    By the Docklands so a bit further out but well worth the trip.
  9. Pricier dim sum:
    These are high end dim sum places. I haven't tried them all but I intend to at some point. (Dim sum is such a comfort food for me that I'm just not sure how I feel paying high end prices for it. 🤔)
  10. Yauatcha
    Michelin star dim sum also has really pretty desserts.
  11. Royal China Club
    Less hustle and bustle of your normal dim sum place. All meats are organic.
  12. A Wong
    On the to watch list. Andrew Wong is doing wonders here. Some dishes are actually quite cheap but all differs. I recommend looking this place up.
  13. Bonus tip: Best Chinese BBQ
    Look no further then Four Seasons (unfortunately they don't do dim sum). ALWAYS a queue during dinner time. Roast pork and duck here is 💯🙌🏼.
  14. When in doubt: rule of thumb 'Go where the Chinese people are queuing'.
    We like to eat!